Thoda Sa Haq Episode 2

In this episode Hareem gets worrired Because Zamin and his father have not arrived back from Seher’s wedding. Zamin’s mother says they may get late but they promised they will return back before midnight. Zamin ring’s Hareem and tell’s her, That they will not be coming home because Seher’s father has passed away.

Hareem goes running upstairs to inform her mother but her mother say’s are they back yet from the wedding. But Hareem tell’s her that Uncle Ejaz (Seher’s father) has passed away and they will not be coming tonight. Zamin’s father also said give message to Hareem’s father that he should attend the funeral with rest of family. Hareem’s mother gets angry and say’s they are not our relative and we will not go to the funeral. She also told Hareem not to mention anything to her father.

They buried Seher’s dad. After the funeral Seher goes into her room cry’s. Seher’s next door neighbour tell’s Zamin to go and tell Seher to eat something because she hasn’t ate all day. Zamin looks at his dad and seems annoyed. Zamin’s dad goes instead and offer Seher food which she eats. He also tells her tomorrow morning will be going back to Karachi, and told her to pack her belongings.

Next morning Zamin once again tells his Father what he done was wrong but Zamin’s Father says he had to do what his brother last wish was before he died. He started to cry so Zamin hugged him and walked back downstairs. Zamin collects Seher’s belongings and they leave for Karachi.

Before leaving for karcachi Zamin’s Father takes Seher to her father grave for one last time as they wont be returning back. On way back to Karachi they stopped at a coffee place and Zamin’s Father explains to Seher, that she has to hide her and Zamin’s marriage from everyone as they do not like her dad because of the past. Seher agree’s not to tell anyone .

They arrive back in Karachi and Hareem come’s running down to see Zamin but stops as Zamin takes out a suitcase. Zamin father explain’s who Seher is. Hareem hug’s Seher and takes her inside. Zamin does not greet Hareem which she finds unusual about him.

Seher wait’s patiently for someone to show her room, The servant comes and give’s Seher water but she seem’s very rude towards. Zamin’s father and mother speak. Zamin’s mother is not happy about Seher coming to Karachi but Zamin’s father says he had to bring her because his brother died and he couldn’t leave her alone. But Zamin’s mother kept saying why didn’t Seher get married. But Zamin’s father gets angry and says go and give her company instead of asking questions.

Hareem’s mother tells Seher not open her bag because she can not stay here and i will speak to Waqar (Zamin’s Father).

Hareem goes into Zamin’s room and say’s “Why didn’t you say hello to me” but Zamin said ” I did but you didn’t hear me but even if i didn’t then hello, How are you Hareem”. She says ” I am good thanks”. She feels like Zamin is disturbed. Zamin said he is just tired because of driving. Hareem says sorry for being annyoing, and walks out the room.

Seher is still waiting and she over hear’s Hareem’s mother speak to Zamin’s father. Hareem’s mother gets very angry with Waqar because Seher is here and she does not want her to stay here. Zamin’s mother say’s to Seher i will go and speak to Hareem’s mother, if she agrees. Seher say’s i want to go back. But Zamin’s mother later on goes to Hareem’s mother’s room and says we can let her stay and take revenge for all the pain Seher’s father has gave. Hareem’s mother agrees and lets Seher stay.

The servant comes and shows Seher her room. They give her a old room at the back of the house. Next morning Hareem tell’s Seher to eat with her but Zamin comes to the dinning table so Seher says i will eat later on. Hareem later on asks Seher why didn’t she get married but Seher leaves without answering.

This is the 2nd Episode of this drama. It’s started to get interesting. Hope you enjoy reading this. Any questions or comments just type below.


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