Huda Beauty

I started of with wearing No7 foundation but the coverage wasn’t to good. So after a year i changed to Estee Lauder. The coverage was good at times but it didn’t make my face look flawless. But this time i did not change the brand because i wasnt sure which one to choose. I wore this foundation for couple of years.

So i discovered Huda Beauty foundation. Their was alot of reviews and videos on this foundation which made me buy this brand. So i started to wear this foundation with the baking powder. I was totally blown away on how amazing this foundation was. The coverage is amazing, the smell of the foundation its like a fragrance. Ive never smelt anything like this before. Also its cruelty-free. Im so happy that finally ive found a foundation which i can stick to for a long time because i haven’t been happy with the foundations i had in the past.

Hope you like this blog on the review of the foundations. Any questions please free to ask.


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