My Favourite Drama Khaas

28 Episodes – HUM TV

The drama khaas revolves around Sanam Baloch and Ali Rehman, who play the role of Husband and Wife. They have issues in their married life. Ali Rehman always likes to downgrade his wife. Makes fun out of her whether its in public or in front of family. He is very obsessed about himself and only likes himself. He spoke to every girl he saw and spoke on regular basis to his ex Salma (Hira Tareen). Sabah (Sanam Baloch) Was very upset about this , on so many occasions she tried telling everyone how Ammar (Ali Rehman) is, but no one seemed to listen. Each time she told Ammar made story’s up and everyone started to listen to him. Ammar had a friend called Fakhir (Haroon Shahid) He one day bumped into Sabah, when she was going to her friends house which is next door to Fakhir’s house. At that time he didn’t know she is Ammar’s wife. From there they got to know each other, Even though later on he did find out she is Ammar’s wife. He still stayed in contact with her as a friend. He always was there for Sabah. He was very generous. Each time sabah was in trouble he knew .

Sabah sister in law Nida ( Anam Goher ). She liked Fakhir, She wanted to marry him. But Fakhir had no interest in her. Fakhir deep down liked Sabah. Sabah regularly use to go see her friend and both went to fakhir’s house. Fakhir was a painter and use to love reading books. Sabah had the same hobby. Fakhir expressed his feelings to Sabah. But Sabah wasn’t happy about this and told Fakhir not to contact her anymore. They both stopped talking, Even though Fakhir use to ring Sabah when he felt like she is upset or in trouble. It carried on like this for a while.

One day Nida went to Fakhirs house and seen a portrait which was covered. Without Fakhir’s permission she looked at the painting. It was of Fakhir’s mother who looks just like Sabah. Fakhir has never shown anyone this picture. As soon as Nida seen this she went home and created a big scene. All the family accused Sabah of speaking to Fakhir and having a affair. Their was old photographs off Sabah from college days which came up to. Ammar told Sabah to leave which all ended in Divorce. Even Sabah’s family didn’t believe her because Ammar always acted innocent and try to prove Sabah wrong. Sabah was in a situation were no one liked her or spoke to her. Her father started to look around for a man for Sabah. So she can get married, As he found her embarrassing after what she was accused of.

Hina Tareen

Ammar after a week of being divroced married Salma his ex. Fakhir told his auntie he wants to marry Sabah. His auntie went to ask for marriage proposal but her father was very rude and angry and told them to go.

Sabah’s friend went aboard while’s Sabah was in all this drama. When her friend came back she told Sabah’s Father that Sabah is innocent, She hasn’t done nothing and its all Ammar’ss fault. Her father believed her and asked for forgiveness for whatever he said to Sabah. Sabah’s dad decided to go to Fakhir’s house and say sorry. As he got there, He seen Ammar speaking to Fakhir very rudely and saying no one will believe Fakhir, He also told Fakhir not to marry Sabah. Ammar confessed that how he got everyone to believe him. Sabah’s Dad heard everything and told Ammar to go. He spook to Fakhir and his auntie, He decided to get his daughter married to Fakhir and said sorry to both of them.

Sabah and Fakhir happily got married. Sabah started her new job where Ammar worked. On her first day Sabah came across Ammar but she stood infront of him and spook up and said whatever she wanted to say. Fakhir teached her to be brave. She worked their for a while until she got pregnant she stopped.

Salma was very rude towards Ammar and she didn’t like his family. She wanted her own house which Ammar didn’t get. She left him and went back to her ex husband. After a while she divorced Ammar.

Ammar’s mum wanted Ammar to marry his cousin but she refused to marry Ammar because she knew how he was. Ammar heard everything his cousin said, he started to realise how he acted with Sabah and started to get upset.

Fakhir started to get flash backs of when Ammar came to his house and how he will have a car accident. He had these episodes few time. He told Sabah but Sabah each time said do not speak like that. He even wrote the house on Sabah’s name. When Sabah gave birth to baby boy. At that time Fakhir went to get paper work from home. Whiles he was coming to visit Sabah and to see his baby boy for first time. He had car accident and died. Few months later , Ammar told his friends to help him get married to Sabah but Sabah refused to get married to him. Sabah lived happily with her son, whiles Ammar was left alone.

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